Your initiation is here.


Maybe you need help deciding how to move forward into a new life path that your soul is calling you into.

Maybe you’re not sure how to share your spiritual gifts or are wondering what they are.

You might even need help speaking your truth and embodying the “real you”.

Or, maybe you just need a better understanding of how and why you’re on the Spiritual path in the first place.

Unanswered questions can keep you living in fear, struck and frustrated, and wasting precious energy that could be spent living your life’s purpose with confidence and freedom.

Don’t let the fear of walking into the unknown keep you from missing out on the destiny you’re meant for.


  • You’re stuck in a pattern or cycle (i.e. subscribing to old thinking and/or fear) in your life instead of tuning in and acting on with your truest desires.
  • You’re tired of reading the newest book or method, and are ready to fearless leap into the unknown.
  • You’re ready to activate your power from within, speak your truth and align with your highest timeline.
  • You’re excited about customized, strategic & intuitive advice from a mentor who has been where you are.
  • You desire accountability and help creating an environment to thrive in to move forward.

"I had felt stuck in moving forward with my business. Leslie is sooo easy to talk to and her coaching has a very organic feel, like she is guiding you into the solutions/actions you already have inside, so there is an easy understanding that they will work."

- Jami

"Leslie is very relatable and has such a positive way of getting you to understand yourself better. I felt like she really listened and has a deep understanding of what works for each individual and not a one-size fits all style of coaching."

- M.C.

"I came to Leslie in need of tune up. I was seeking help with focus and creating a specific plan [to move forward]. After I was flying high and haven't stopped since. Don't expect to make excuses or BS your way out leveling up in a session with her. She jumps right into identifying your current state and where you hope to be. Her approach is thoughtful, direct, and highly engaging."

- Ed

Leslie will meet with you via ZOOM or PHONE (your choice) for 60 minutes to discuss your current invitations for growth, transformation, healing, soul calling, and/or integration. Using her intuitive gifts, Leslie will offer coaching & suggestions for you to consider.

What’s Included:

  • One 60-Minute Customized, Focused Coaching Session
  • A Recording of Our Session For You To Keep (via Zoom only)
  • Intuitive Messages Received To Help You Take The Next Steps

What We Can Cover:

  • How To Leave Your 9-5 Job and Live Your Life Purpose
  • How To Get Unstuck & Break Generational Curses
  • How to Embrace and Identify Your Spiritual Gifts / What To Do With Your Spiritual Gifts
  • What Your Life Path Is Leading You To & How To Move Forward
  • How To Embrace The Twin Flame Journey & Sacred Union Practices
  • How To Live A Meaningful Life & Create A Life That Lights Your Soul On Fire

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