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Leslie specializes in empowering clients to create conscious shifts bridging the transformation gap and helping clients receive their deepest desires.

As a transformation coach Leslie shows you how to heal unconscious thought patterns and how to rewire your brain. As a Spiritual Guide, she helps you tune into the innate wisdom of the mind, body, and spirit, by strengthening your intuition. Facilitating deep shadow work and future-self embodiment techniques, Leslie gently guides you to connect with your higher self, supporting you through your initiation into the present moment of your truth.

Leslie has trained with highly sought out and well known teachers in the transformation and healing space. She’s studied in depth trauma healing modalities, sound meditation, energy healing, hypnosis, vocal release, past-life regression, and meditation, offering unique and personalized containers for each client.

Leslie’s work has been featured at VINCE, Healthy on the Hudson, Sacred Space Astoria, Inscape, and Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga.

Current ways to work with Leslie are 4 week and 3 month containers for 1:1 mentorships.

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"I had felt stuck in moving forward with my business. Leslie is sooo easy to talk to and her coaching has a very organic feel, like she is guiding you into the solutions/actions you already have inside, so there is an easy understanding that they will work."

- Jami

"I came to Leslie in need of tune up. My productivity, daily goals, and overall accomplishment has absolutely Sky Rocketed. Don't expect to make excuses or BS your way out leveling up in a session with her. Her approach is thoughtful, direct, and highly engaging."

- Dee

"Leslie is very relatable and has such a positive way of getting you to understand yourself better. I felt like she really listened and has a deep understanding of what works for each individual and not a one-size fits all style of coaching."

- Julie

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