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Hi, I'm Leslie

Spiritual Alignment Coach + Leadership Trainer

I am an empath that lives in Brooklyn, NY who has spent the last 5 years teaching the spiritually curious how to use consciousness + mindfulness to leverage the power within.

My mission is to empower conscious women leaders to step into their power, share their gifts, and create a life full of happiness, wellness, and freedom.

As the creator of The Reset Ritual, the life-changing course that shows you how to connect to the inner wisdom of your mind and body, I've discovered and passionately share that the there's only one way to heal: by taking radical responsibility for your destiny, nourishing your soul for optimal growth, & creating a life worth living for(and it's a lot easier than you'd think!).

We all start somewhere.

I invite you to take the next step in your journey by taking my first training of THE RESET RITUAL for free.

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With RESET, it’s now easier than ever to connect daily with the wisdom and knowledge of your inner world.

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