3 Ways To Invite Your Friends To A Meditation Challenge

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Craving a spiritual experience with your friends, but not sure what to say?

No problems here - I've got your back.

So how exactly do you write that will actually engage your friends and and increase your chances of them saying yes?



Have a specific thing in mind you want to do with them.


Get straight to the point and make the ask.


Start your spiritual practice now, and don't be attached to their response. If they're in, GREAT. If they're not, that is totally OKAY TOO. You can support and love your friends just as much whether they're in or out.

If you don't already have a meditation challenge in mind, I invite you to join our Free 15 Day Meditation Challenge solo and with your friends, fam and others.

Then use one of these scripts below to invite your besties and loves to the spiritual party:

More About The 15 Day Meditation Challenge
  • The Bestie Script: "Hey Bestie! I'm starting this cool meditation challenge I found: https://www.lesliecottle.com/meditation-challenge/ Would you be willing to do this with me? We could keep each other accountable and raise our already awesome vibes."
  • The Universe Provides Script: "YO, we were totally just talking about how we should do more meditations. Found this: https://www.lesliecottle.com/meditation-challenge/ - Are you in or are you in?"
  • The Social Butterfly Script: "Announcement, Friends! I'm starting a super cool 15 day meditation challenge [today/tomorrow/etc]! 3 Things You Should Know: #1 I am keeping myself accountable by posting updates on social. Thank you for being my witness! #2: I'd love for you to join me. Here's the link: https://www.lesliecottle.com/meditation-challenge/ #3 My intention for this 15 Day Meditation Challenge is...[self-love/overcoming fear/embracing my bad a$$ self/fill in the blank]."
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Love Notes From Our Meditators:

"I feel so zen after. It's like a spa day for your mind." - C

"We have really been loving your meditations! They're been really helpful!" - N

"Your meditation made me feel super positive! Thank you!" - J

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