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Leslie Cottle - Transformational Facilitator | Speaker | Podcaster | Healer

4 Qualities That Transformational Companies Embody To Retain & Inspire Their Employees

  • The Power of Vulnerability: Create trust amongst teams and management by providing environments where your employees can be open and honest about achievements, mistakes, and hardships.
  • The Power of Compassion: Improve external and internal communication and engagement with compassionate training and practices.
  • Empowerment + Growth Leadership Training: Train your leaders to empower their team so that business, productivity, and fulfillment naturally increases.
  • Energetically Aligned Best Practices: Do you know what's draining your employees and do you know what energizes them?


Leadership Trainings • Empowerment Workshops • Team Building • Executive Coaching

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Meet Leslie.

Hi! I’m Leslie and I can’t wait to help you inspire, empower, and unite your team...

After working with many innovative companies and leaders, I’ve discovered that the only thing between an empowering company and one that isn't, is the ability to create an environment where everyone can authentically show up at themselves.

I love helping companies support their employees by making healing and transformative practices approachable and actionable in the workplace.

Whether you're launching a new initiative, looking for ways to boost morale, or are seeking cutting edge trainings for your leaders, I want to help you get long-lasting, transformative practices into your employees hands without wasting anymore time.

To Your Inevitable Growth!